Corporate Actor Training
(CAT – 1)

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How the course works

Corporate Actor Training Program is a 3-hour course which runs over an afternoon or morning session. Delivered through a 45-minute seminar and 2-hour workshop the focus is on developing the clients ability to engage empathically.

Key training exercises are introduced which develop a capacity for listening and responding engaging the imagination and unique creative capacity of each individual to construct a role which immediately best serves the situation.

We often have one ‘frame’ or way of engaging in our professional environment. These characteristics impede a much desired versatility meaning that we simply play what actors call ‘one note’.

Using a series of internationally proven acting techniques, Dalip Sondhi engages the group towards discovering their often hidden potential. Specifically in terms of creative listening & responding. There is no ‘performance’ in this work – this is often used in this context and all it serves to do is encourage demonstration and a lack of authenticity.

Exercises focus on the playing of suitable ‘actions’ or transitive verbs which are connected to a clear and deeply understood objective. This is a system incorporated  by the most respected international actors today. These core acting skills are synonymous with the requirements for today’s corporate executive. This objective (or motivation) must be honest and not just arise from the individual ego. Locating it is a vital aspect of the work – knowing what you want is one thing – but why you want it is the crucial question often missed in our consideration. It is the ‘why’ which is central to acting.

‘Acting’ itself is actually a problematic terms. It suggests a dishonesty – rather than revealing what actually makes a great actor is the ability to be present, transparent and honest.

Following a sequence of pairs and group exercises, the group reflection consistently reveals significant transformations in self awareness and understanding. The group will be asked to immediately apply their learning in a series of short self constructed scenarios which contextualise their professional environment and the course benefits.

“I was fortunate to study under Dalip Sondhi.

This had enormous impact on me as an artist. It allowed and encouraged me to explore endless and contradictory possibilities.

It ultimately helped define who I am as an artist. And I know many of my colleagues share the same sentiment.”

matt lutton

Matt Lutton – Artistic Director of the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne

Delivered through:

  • 45 minute presentation on creativity
  • 90 minute workshop: Pair and group exercises
  • 30 minute reflection