Corporate Actor Training
(CAT – 3)

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How the course works

Corporate Actor Training 3 is a 12-hour (two day) course which runs over a 2 x morning & afternoon sessions. Companies may select this or CAT-2 (1-day) as a follow up depending upon their requirements and recommendations post CAT-1. The advantage of CAT-3 is that it allows much more time to fully extend and explore the techniques and the outcomes will inevitably be more significant.

This course is the follow up to the CAT 1 which acts as a pre-requisite.

Delivered through a 2 x 45-minute seminars,  4 x 2 hour workshop sessions  and a 2 x 45 minute reflective discussion/analysis the focus is on developing on the introductory work undertaken in CAT 1.

Exercises are necessarily more complex and more is asked of the participants. The expectation is that the group will have applied the understanding gained from CAT 1 and will have some significant insights to offer.

A series of actor-training exercises specifically designed to extend the imagination are explored. This develops a greater understanding of ‘self’ and a building of confidence in the ability to be one-self through various/changing circumstances.

Professional scenarios will be studies through the use of script (either play-text or screenplay). Scenes will be selected as are appropriate for the specific company and corporate context. Through engaging in heightened scenarios the group will discover and begin to understand core processes of ‘characterisation’ and deepening relationships. This dynamic study will enable significant insights into extending empathic responsiveness & adaptive/creative problem solving.

Exercises move from the role-development of CAT-1 towards exploring what it means to portray with a greater sense of realism. This process requires a much more rigorous use of the creative imagination.

The course will now involve whole group, small group, pairs and individual exercises and some of the work will be looked at and reflected upon by both the course leader and other members.  This process of reflection is crucial as it offers an often transformative experience and key discussion points on how to apply the learning to the company context.

“I could see that a very special method was being used to make highly significant and crucial discoveries. Dalip Sondhi and his team were incredible! They were very observant and responsive and in a short period had managed to create a strong environment of trust and creativity.”

Nandita Das 01

Nandita Das- Yale Fellow & Acclaimed international Director, Writer, Actor.

Delivered through:

  • 2 x 45 minute presentation on creativity
  • 4 x 2 hour workshops: Pair,  group & individual exercises
  • 2 x 45 minute reflection