Creative Actor Training for Corporate Professionals

An excellent team building session …Dalip allowed us each to move past our own barriers and were challenged to work outside of our comfort zones…Sandy Meacham, HR Director Worley Parsons

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Specifically designed for the corporate professional these programs utilise cutting edge actor training techniques to significantly enhance the ability to immediately adapt and offer a breadth of creative communication and empathic listening

“I now have a broader understanding of how non verbal communication says a lot and that you can use it positively in work interactions but it can work against you also if you are not aware. The other thing was on the power and importance of being present and concentrating on the other person.”

Simon Whalley, Engineering Manager Worley Parsons

Corporate Actor Training CAT-1

A 3-hour introductory course which runs over an afternoon or morning session. Delivered through a 45-minute seminar and 2-hour workshop the focus is on enhancing the creative potential of corporate sector management through a seminar presentation and a range of dynamic actor-training based exercises.

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Corporate Actor Training CAT-2

A 6-hour (one day) follow up course which runs over a morning & afternoon session. Companies may select this or CAT-3 (2-day) as a follow up to CAT – 1 depending upon their requirements and recommendations. The focus is on developing on and significantly extending the introductory work undertaken in CAT 1.

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Corporate Actor Training CAT-3

A 12-hour (2-Day) follow up course. Delivered through 2 x 45-minute seminars and 4 x 2-hour workshop sessions CAP-3 can be selected instead of CAP – 2 following completion of CAP- 1 . Over 2 full days the course offers a significant depth of engagement providing the opportunity to fully apply the processes.

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